Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

For a bride, choosing her wedding party gifts can depend very much on the type of bridesmaids she has. If she has older bridesmaids, perhaps a best friend or sister, the gift isn’t just to say thank you for the wedding day itself but also for all the support they have given throughout the build up to the wedding.

The chances are your bridesmaid has been to countless dress fittings, joined many shopping excursions for wedding accessories, and listened to your wedding plans and dilemmas in incredible detail. She may also have thrown you a bridal shower, so she deserves a thoughtful wedding party gift to say thank you.

Younger bridesmaids, such as a niece or friend’s daughter, will have contributed less to the overall wedding preparation and their main role will be on the day itself. Younger bridesmaids will be happy with a trinket, such as a silver bracelet or necklace. Make it something pretty they can wear with their wedding outfit and something timeless they can keep and remember the wedding, and continue to wear as they grow older.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas – keeping the peace!

People often ask me, “If I have several bridesmaids should I give them all the same wedding party gift?”

Wedding Party Gift -175-254 For young bridesmaids, the answer to this is yes. Giving each girl the same gift will avoid squabbles over who got the best one. If you have older bridesmaids try to make sure your gifts are of reasonably equal value and that you have put as much thought into the tastes of each individual, but the gifts do not have to be exactly the same.

If you have a chief bridesmaid or maid of honor, you should probably get them a more valuable gift than the others as they will have contributed more to the entire wedding process.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas – jewelry

Another common question about bridesmaids’ gifts is, “Is it too unoriginal to give my bridesmaids jewelry?”

Jewelry is the most obvious wedding party gift for bridesmaids and is the most popular choice, but there are many good reasons for this.

You can choose something that can be worn on the day and that will look perfect with their bridesmaid’s dresses.

A gift of jewelry is something that will last and your bridesmaid can keep as a memento of your wedding day.

Jewelry comes in a wide price range so you can decide exactly how much you can afford to spend.

So the answer is no, I still believe that jewelry can make perfect wedding party gifts, as long as it is chosen with care and thought for the bridesmaid’s personal tastes. Here are some tips on buying jewelry for your bridesmaids.

A jewelry set, such as a necklace and earrings can make a perfect gift if you can afford it. If you have a tight budget however, it is better to get a single high quality item such as a necklace, instead of a poorer quality set.

Check that your bridesmaids have pierced ears before you buy them earrings, you won’t be able to return the earrings for health and safety reasons.

Buying something unusual is a great way to show you have put some thought into the wedding party gifts. However you should be careful that your gifts will not go out of fashion, and that they are not too unusual for your bridesmaids’ tastes.

If you decide against jewelry as wedding party gifts for your bridesmaids, here are some alternatives you may want to consider:

A beautiful handbag or purse to match the bridesmaid’s dress can be a lovely gift. These can be personalized using embroidery to make them more individual.

A small photo album with pictures of the two of you, or various places you have been together can make a perfect present for an older bridesmaid. Include a few photos from the bridal shower and leave a few spaces for the wedding photos.

Fancy toiletries, perfume or chocolates can make great wedding party gifts, particularly if you have a number of bridesmaids. Make sure these are beautifully wrapped in a gift box or basket with a bow or ribbon to match your wedding color scheme.

Author: Priscilla Bernstein

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