Bridesmaids Dresses

Choosing Bridesmaid’s Dresses

It is not unusual to find a bride to be more concerned about the appearance of her Bridesmaids than she is about the appearance of her groom or her parents. The color and style of the Bridesmaids dresses is so important. There is no doubt that we view the appearance of the bridesmaids as a reflection on the bride.

When considering dresses for your Bridesmaids, there are a number of factors that you should consider such as skin tones and body types.

It may be wise to include your Bridesmaids from the outset and make the selection together. This may prove to be a very wise decision.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses – ColorYoung Bridesmaid

You will undoubtedly have a favorite color in mind that you know complements your skin tones but it is important to remember your favorite color may not be flattering to your Bridesmaids.

Assuming you have more than one Bridesmaid you are going to be looking for a color that you will all agree is not too harsh on any one particular Bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Style

A similar approach will need to be taken when looking at styles. This can prove difficult as well because of dissimilar body types. Again, compromise may be necessary to find a style that will work for all. A little diplomacy will ensure that the style chosen will not be absolutely perfect for any one Bridesmaid but is also not completely unfavorable for any of the others.

A little thoughtful consideration about the possible cost may be appropriate when looking at dresses for the Bridesmaids. Whilst some bridesmaid dresses are altered and worn again it is not uncommon for a Bridesmaid to never wear the dress again. For this reason it is important to take this into consideration when choosing a dress.

Bridesmaids-125-267 It may be seen to be unreasonable to expect your Bridesmaids to pay a large sum of money for a dress that they may never wear again. Keeping the price of the dress affordable and involving each Bridesmaid from the outset should keep them happy.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses – how to please every bridesmaid

Include the Bridesmaids after you have chosen two or three dresses that you would be happy with. You then need to decide whether it will be the maid of honor who makes the final choice from your selection or the Bridesmaids making a consensus decision. Either way you will be happy because you chose the selection.

If you are insistent on a particular color then you could allow your Bridesmaids freedom to choose a style that shows their figure to its best advantage but utilizing the color of your choice. However, if you are going to be concerned about Bridesmaids not matching perfectly in the wedding photos then have a word with the photographer but this option may not be a good one for you as it is very unlikely that all of the bridesmaids will choose the same style of dress.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses – to summarize

Selecting Bridesmaids dresses may present more problems than you anticipated due to different skin tones and preferred dress styles but offering your Bridesmaids some role in making the choice and also giving thought to any financial constraints they may have can help to make the process run more smoothly.

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