Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Groomsmen’s Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Being a groomsman can be a nerve wracking experience. Keeping the wedding going with a swing, and making sure all the guests are enjoying themselves is their responsibility, and on top of that they may have to remember the rings and give a speech. If they are still recovering from throwing that awesome bachelor party, this can be quite an ordeal. Bearing all that in mind, a wedding party gift for your groomsman is absolutely essential to say thank you.

I think we can all accept that men are not easy to buy presents for, especially for women who have very little idea about what they would appreciate. Perhaps this is one area of the wedding planning that the groom should have a say in ladies! Groomsmen are probably close friends or brothers of the groom so he should have the most ideas for an appropriate groomsmen’s wedding party gift.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas – many grooms want a really unique wedding party gift for their best man

Golf-175-236 Buying a really original wedding party gift for your best man often involves thinking about his personal interests. Does he like football, golf, or cars? If you know his hobbies you can choose a relevant gift.

Firstly you can choose a wedding party gift that is an accessory for his favorite pastime. If he likes to play golf why not buy him a new golf caddy for his clubs? If he prefers hiking, a great new rucksack might be just what he needs. Men tend to collect less trinkets that women, so buying a best man something practical is often a good idea.

As an alternative to an accessory, you could actually buy your best man an experience that relates to his interests. There are now many companies, both online and offline selling ‘experiences’ that your best man may enjoy. If he is a fan of fast cars, for example, buying him a day at a racetrack where he gets to drive a race car can be the perfect gift.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas – wedding party gifts for multiple groomsmen

If you are buying gifts for more than one groomsman, you might be tempted to give them each the same gift to keep it fair and simple. Here are a few ideas of general gifts you can give to all of your groomsmen. Most of these can easily be given a personal touch by engraving a message or having a special label printed up.Cigars - 175-131

A nice watch

A great pair of cuff links to wear on the day

A really good bottle of wine or whisky

A beer glass or tankard

A box of good cigars

Leather goods such as a belt or wallet

Author: Priscilla Bernstein

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