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Wedding Accessory Ideas

So you think you’ve got your wedding plans finalized. All the major items are booked, the church, the reception, the car, the flowers and the photos, what else could there possibly be? Well if you sit down and make a wedding accessory list, you will be amazed at how many other items are still left to buy. A wedding accessory is an item that is not necessarily compulsory for your big day, but it adds a personal touch that can make all the difference to the overall effect of your wedding.

If you are making a wedding accessory list, I would recommend dividing it into categories to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Here are a few wedding accessory ideas within a few possible categories.

Wedding accessory ideas for the ceremony

There are a huge variety of wedding accessories that can make your wedding ceremony go more smoothly. If you have chosen to write your ownWedding Ring Pillow - 175-117 vows rather than repeat them after the preacher, you will want to buy or design some wedding vow cards. This wedding accessory will save you reading your vows from a scrap of paper, and should match your wedding color scheme.

There are various wedding accessory items that your wedding party can use during the service. If you are going to have a flower girl you will need a flower basket for her to carry down the aisle. You may want to buy a ring pillow for the rings to be carried on. This not only looks pretty but keeps  the rings safe, particularly if they are being carried by a younger bridesmaid or pageboy.

Once the wedding is over and you are leaving the church, many people will want to throw rice and confetti. Give some thought as to what you want your guests to throw, and provide them with your choice to avoid a hairdo full of rice. Bubbles are now a popular alternative to confetti, and you can make sure each of your guests are handed bubble blowing devices as they leave the service.

Wedding accessory ideas for the cake

Whether you are having your cake made by a family friend, or ordering it from a fancy bakery, there are a number of wedding cake accessories that you will need to consider. The decorations themselves may be provided with the cake, but you might want to consider adding something of your own to really personalize the cake. Having a bride and groom on top of the cake may be traditional, but that is one wedding accessory you can leave out if it is not to your taste.Bridal Garter-175-262

When it comes to cutting the cake, you should make sure you have a knife and a cake server. Remember there will be a lot of photos of the cake cutting, so you want to be holding a beautiful knife that really goes with your outfit. Another wedding accessory that many people forget is a set of cake boxes. Many of your guests will be too full up from the dinner to eat a slice of cake, so you want them to be able to take a piece home with them.

Wedding accessory ideas for the bride and groom

The bride will doubtless have many wedding accessory ideas for herself, so we will just mention a couple here. A bridal garter is traditional, and  most photographers insist on the garter shot! Bridal jewelry, and hair accessories such as a tiara, can also add a special something to the bride’s outfit. In addition many brides will want a wedding accessory to match her dress, and carry her lipstick, such as a handbag or purse.

So far we have only looked at wedding accessory ideas for the bride; the groom seems to have been short changed. One wedding accessory that both the bride and groom can benefit from is a set of champagne toasting glasses for leaving the church, riding in the car, and arriving at the reception. There will be endless photos of the bride and groom drinking champagne so buying a really pretty set of toasting glasses can make all the difference.

Wedding accessory ideas for the dinner table

Wedding accessory ideas for the dinner table are almost endless, although you do want to make sure your tables are not too cluttered or they may lose their overall effect. It is usual to place a wedding favor on the table for each guest, but what these consist of is very much up to the bride and groom.Centrepiece

Place names for your guests can be a useful wedding accessory. You will have put a lot of thought into your seating plan, so having place names will make sure there are no squabbles about who sits where. Place names should be kept simple, but can be designed to match your overall wedding theme.

Having disposable cameras on the dinner table is proving very popular these days. This is a great wedding accessory as it means you get a lot of photos from each table, including all the guests, and not just endless photos of the main wedding party. To ensure the cameras get used, put one guest from each table in charge of the camera, and leave a note in their place asking them to use up the film and pass the camera around the table.

Additional wedding stationery

Everyone knows they have to send out wedding invitations to their guests, but there are a couple of other items of stationery that should not be forgotten. You will probably want all your wedding stationery to match so you may need to order everything at the same time to have it made in the same materials.

One popular wedding accessory that is frequently overlooked is the wedding guest book. Although this is not a mandatory wedding accessory, it will give you a treasured keepsake of the day, and will give your visitors something to do, perhaps while the happy couple are having their photos taken.

An additional wedding accessory that you should not forget about is thank you cards. Whether your guests give you a gift or not, you should send them a note to thank them for coming and celebrating your special day with you. Thank you cards that match the wedding invitation will wrap up your celebrations beautifully.

Author – Priscilla Bernstein

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