Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget – tips for setting a budget – part 2

Wedding Budget – stick to it

It is important that budgets for each individual aspect of the wedding be established to enable you to follow this next tip. This tip advises to be mindful of each individual component of the wedding before negotiating contracts for services.

If you know that you have allotted $500 for entertainment you would be wise to seek out an entertainer that is offering services for approximately that amount and then negotiate your contract to ensure that you remain within budget.

Wedding Budget – be creative

It can be very expensive if you have everything provided by suppliers in the Wedding industry. A brainstorming session with close friends can be fun and rewarding if you can identify alternative sources.

Newsletters and bulletins for many Churches are prepared by members of the church who may be very willing to provide invitations etc. at a reasonable cost. There are also many women who create wonderful flower arrangements as a hobby.

Your budget is what you have agreed you can afford. Do not view the budget as restrictive. If instead of thinking about the things you can’t afford, focus on how you can make your wedding and reception truly unique within your wedding budget and you will be inspired to create a fabulous and memorable wedding day.

Wedding Budget – be prepared to negotiate

Don’t forget that people want your business. Do shop around and compare prices and be prepared to negotiate. A limousine company may come highlyRolls Royce - 175-131 recommended but if they are not in your price range, don’t be afraid to let them know why you are going to have to choose another company and you may be surprised at how soon they are willing to give you a different price.

Wedding Budget – keep track of expenditure

A final tip for managing your budget and avoiding any stress is to know exactly what you have spent at all times. This will help you to deal better with any unsuspected snags along the way.

As long as you remain aware of your spending and realize the ramifications of your actions you are likely to realize that if you go over budget in one area, you will need to modify the wedding budget in other areas.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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