Five Ways to Save Money on Wedding Cakes

Wedding CakesWedding cakes have been a traditional part of wedding ceremonies for hundreds of years. Originally the cake would have been broken over the bride’s head after the ceremony as a sign of fertility, but no doubt sick of having crumbs in their hair, brides decided to cut the cake and feed it to their new spouse instead.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your wedding cake there are several ways you can cut your costs without doing without altogether:


  1. Many supermarkets or food halls such as Waitrose or Marks and Spencer sell reasonably priced celebration cakes decorated with simple white icing. Stack these on top of one another and decorate with coloured ribbon to match your wedding theme and a few fresh flowers or pieces of costume jewellery.
  2. Make your cake yourself rather than having one made for you. If you’re not a natural baker make sure you have a couple of practise runs first, but anyone can make a decent cake. If you want to keep it simple why not have a cup cake tower rather than a large tiered cake? Then you can invite your friends or bridesmaids around to help you decorate them.
  3. Ask for your wedding cake as a gift from a close friend or relative. Aunts or Uncles often want to make a contribution to your wedding arrangements as their gift to you, and making or paying for your wedding cake is the perfect way to do that.
  4. If you’re having a large wedding your wedding cake doesn’t necessarily have to be big enough to feed all your guests. You can have a small decorative cake and then order trays of similarly iced cake in the same flavour to be cut up behind the scenes. This will work out cheaper than a huge wedding cake, and you can even have a fake tier at the bottom if you want to give the impression of a large cake.
  5. Combining your wedding cake with your dessert course can save you a few pennies as you won’t have the pay extra for dessert. Most people are so full by the end of the wedding breakfast that they won’t eat both dessert and wedding cake, so it makes sense to combine these two sweet treats. Look for wedding cakes that make good desserts such as wedding cheesecakes or ice cream cakes.  


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