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Wedding Caterer – choosing a caterer

Human nature being what it is, it is not difficult to predict that if guests will remember anything about a wedding reception it will be the food.

Choosing a good wedding caterer is essential to having a successful and memorable wedding reception. Some people will even argue that the food served at the wedding is the most important part of the wedding.  After all guests who have enjoyed their meal are far more likely to be in better spirits than guests who have eaten very little or who have not enjoyed their meal.

Wedding Caterer – venue with caterer

Not all couples are choosing to get married in a church or choosing the church ceremony as the main function. Alternative venues that also offer onsite catering may not permit you to employ other wedding caterers for your wedding on their premises.

Since most couples concentrate on the location for their wedding before considering catering options, it is important to ask about the venues attitude towards outside wedding caterers. They may allow you to use another wedding caterer but it may have to be a wedding caterer they recommend.  In a situation like this it is crucial that you choose the venue for your wedding, not only on the appearance of the ball room but also on the quality of the food they offer.Wedding Cake with Flower Decoration-200-267

Although a venue may have picturesque views and gorgeously decorated rooms, if the food is unsatisfactory or just mediocre you may want to consider a different venue in which to host your wedding.

Wedding Caterer – personal recommendations

Once again a great place to start your search for a qualified wedding caterer is to ask friends and relatives for their recommendations.  Or if you have recently attended a wedding that served fabulous food, you might want to contact the host of that wedding to enquire about their wedding caterer.

Recommendations are important because the best indication of how good the food will be is how well the food was received in the past.

Wedding Caterer – be prepared

You can waste a lot of time looking for a wedding caterer if you are not prepared and organized. Good wedding caterers are in demand and booked well in advance so may not be available on the date you want them. As well as the date decide what you want on the menu and some idea of how much you are prepared to pay before you start your research.

If you are unable to obtain a few recommendations for wedding caterers try using the Internet and phone books to carry out your research. You could use the Internet and direct calls to learn about their availability, menu options and prices.  Once you have obtained this information you will be able to eliminate wedding caterers who are already booked for your wedding date and who are out of your price range.

Next you will want to consider the menu options of the remaining wedding caterers.  If you have a specific menu in mind and none of the wedding caterers have the items you are looking on their standard menus, you might want to check with them to see if they are prepared to provide favorite dishes.  Professional wedding caterers are fully capable of preparing dishes besides their standard fare.Meringue-175-132

Wedding Caterer – tasting session

The last stage of choosing a suitable wedding caterer is the tasting session. Once you have narrowed your choices down to three or four candidates, contact them and ask them what arrangements they have for tasting their food. If a wedding caterer does not offer tasting sessions, strike them off your list immediately unless you have tasted their food at a previous wedding.

Without tasting their food, there is really no way to decide if the wedding caterer is right for your wedding celebration.  Try to ensure that the tasting session includes some of your preferred dishes.

You may think that the tasting stage will be a simple process but just consider this…

you may find that one wedding caterer has delicious entrees but bland appetizers or salads

you may find that another wedding caterer had a variety of delicious appetizers but the entrees all fell short of your expectations

yet another may not have had any courses really stand out but each course received an above average rating

In this situation you might want to consider the wedding caterer that had a menu that was well balanced so that none of your courses wind up being unsatisfactory

Wedding Caterer – to summarizeCake stand with cake-150-113

The wedding caterer can make or break your wedding celebration so it is important to choose them wisely.  Recommendations and personal experiences are some of the best ways to choose a wedding caterer.  You should also consider scheduling tasting sessions to try out the exact dishes that will be on your menu before you make your final decision.

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