Wedding Checklist

wedding gowns Wedding Gowns 

Shopping for wedding gowns is a moment that every girl dreams of, but that can often prove to be more difficult than you imagine when the time comes.

The assistant is friendly, the champagne is flowing, but all the wedding gowns you put on make you look like a giant meringue or are well outside your budget! If this sounds familiar then you need to do a little preparation….read more

wedding shoes Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes are as essential to the wedding outfit as the veil or bouquet, but they often get left until the last minute, meaning a rush to find the perfect pair. Ideally you should buy your wedding shoes before you have your dress fitting, so that the length of the skirt can be tailored to the height of the heels….read more

wedding rings Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are an essential item on your wedding shopping list and it’s worth spending enough to get decent quality as the plan is you’ll be wearing them for the rest of your lives!

Wedding rings are traditionally unbroken bands symbolizing the eternal quality of marriage, and are usually worn on the third finger of the left hand because in the past it was believed that the blood vessel in that finger led directly to the heart ….read more

wedding invitations Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are a critical part of your wedding stationery as they are the first impression your guests will have of your wedding and they will introduce the theme or style of your wedding.

Current trends in wedding invitations include bold graphic prints and deep colors such as amethyst or burnt orange. Lace style cut-outs are also popular design motifs. ‘Green’ wedding invitations, made with recycled materials and natural embellishments such as dried flowers are very much in vogue

….read more

wedding cakes Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are still a popular feature of most weddings, and the cake cutting ceremony usually happens after the wedding breakfast and before the first dance, although some couples choose to serve their wedding cake as dessert to save on cost.

Traditional multi-tiered cakes are still the most common choice, although wedding cake decorations are becoming more elaborate

….read more



wedding centerpieces Wedding Centerpieces

You might think that wedding centerpieces are just another wedding decoration, but as they will literally be the center of attention at your dinner tables during the wedding breakfast they do deserve a little thought.

Traditionally wedding centerpieces are floral, and this is still a popular option. Two key trends are tall slim vases or oversized martini glasses, that guests can talk around

… more

wedding flowers Wedding Flowers

It is very important to choose your florist wisely. Just like the photographer and the wedding caterer, the florist you choose for your wedding will play a significant role on your special day.

When you list the possibilities for wedding flowers you begin to appreciate how important their impact will be …….read more

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