Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations – tips for choosing wedding decorations

A successful ‘venue decoration’ industry has blossomed in recent years which has led to a profusion of very colorful and yet tasteful wedding reception displays. The immediate impression the guests get when they first enter the reception area should be an ambience created by the wedding decorations.

It is predictable that the responsibility for organizing wedding decorations will fall to the bride to be and the female members of the family and wedding party.

Here are some points to consider when deciding what decorations are likely to be appropriate:

Consider the effect you want to achieve with your wedding decorationsTable-Wedding-Decoration-175-263

Will the wedding be traditionally formal or casual?

Do you want it to be traditional or contemporary?

The answers will indicate whether its candles, flowers, balloons, etc.

Wedding Decorations – venue and color scheme

Give thought to how your preferred color scheme and theme will look in the actual venue. In fact, you really should have this in mind when first choosing the venue.

It may be useful later to have photographs of the venue or site when planning the layout of the wedding decorations.

Wedding Decorations – preparation and logistical considerations

Usually, wedding decorations can only be laid out at the church and at the reception within one to two hours prior to the event. Therefore, you must consider wedding decorations that don’t take much time to install. Also, the wedding decorations should be taken down immediately after the event.

You may see some wonderful displays in magazines but you must match your expectations with the size of the venue, the number of guests attending and how many children will be there. Large fragile floor wedding decorations may be an attraction to children so careful thought as to where they are positioned may be prudent.

Wedding Decorations – your budget

Aisle wedding decoration - 200-151 Decorating a venue for an event that just lasts a few hours is not about spending a great deal of money on items that can be used again. It is about creating an impression an image. Don’t over do it, just two or three well chosen decorating ideas, as long as these are implemented well can make a ceremony and reception look lavish.

Professional decorators can give you information on vases, mirrors, table centerpieces, dried flower arrangements, arc ways, pedestals and plants that will only be used for one day.

With the wedding decorations, just adding a few candles, laces and fresh flowers will make your wedding venue look exquisite.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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