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Wedding Dress – your perfect wedding dress

Selecting the perfect wedding dress –

Selecting the perfect wedding dress is so important because it is the one special day that you will be the centre of attention. You will look beautiful in a dress that is beautiful without being ostentatious. It will flatter your figure ensuring that you are looking your very best on your wedding day.

We recommend that you start looking for your wedding dress at least six months before your wedding date. Shopping for your wedding dress should be enjoyable and you need to be relaxed about it. By including friends and possibly family members in your search you can make dress shopping a fun and exciting time. You will also have opinions readily available.

It may take quite some time to find the ideal wedding dress and it may take a further 4 months to arrive at the store after it has been ordered. You will want your dress to fit perfectly and several fittings may be required to achieve this.

Wedding Dress – different styles

Wedding Dress Fitting-180-270 Try on different styles even though you may have pre-conceived ideas. You may find that the one in the magazine you have been dreaming about does not suit your coloring or body type. On the other hand a style that you would normally have dismissed may flatter your figure. So it is important to try on a variety of styles before dismissing any particular style.

Traditionally people consider the only acceptable color for a wedding dress is pure white but if you are prepared to try other options, you may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself in a wedding dress that is far more flattering to your skin tone.

If you keep an open mind, wedding dresses are made in many colors, cream, ivory and even subtle beige so experiment and see how they blend with your complexion.

Period wedding dress

With the growing popularity of so many period media productions such as ‘Pride & Prejudice’ it is not surprising that it has become quite fashionable to go for a vintage dress in keeping with a traditional wedding theme. Taking it a step further and wishing to wear an original period wedding dress may not me practical. Before buying examine the strength of the fabric, stretch it, check for weakness and tears. Also check for discoloration and stains. It may prove difficult to remove them. The idea of wearing an original period dress may seem romantic but may not be practical.

Reproduction wedding dress

If you have your heart set on a specific design, but you find that it is too old to use, or too expensive, then an alternative would be a reproduction wedding dress.

Many reproduction dresses are designed around themes and periods. There of course reproductions of ‘designer’ wedding dresses but sold at a much lower cost.

It is quite possible that you will instinctively know when you have stepped into the perfect wedding dress but having trusted friends and family members along can confirm this feeling. Their reaction when you glide out of the dressing room will confirm that you have found your perfect wedding dress.

If you feel sure you have found the wedding dress you want enquire about its availability. Don’t miss out on buying the perfect wedding dress by not buying it the moment you realize it is the dress for you. There is always the chance that the last available dress will be sold if you delay or that the company will discontinue the wedding dress so take action.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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