Wedding Flowers Ideas

Wedding Flowers Ideas – choosing a florist for your wedding – part 1

It is very important to choose your florist wisely. Just like the photographer and the wedding caterer, the florist you choose for your wedding will play a significant role on your special day.

when you list the possibilities for wedding flowers you begin to appreciate how important their impact will beBride's bouquet - 170-231

the bouquets that are carried by the bride and her bridesmaids

the wedding flowers carried by the flower girl

the wedding flowers the groom and his ushers wear in their lapels and

the wedding flowers that decorate the church, any alternative venue and the reception

In addition to all of that the florist may also design center pieces for the tables at the reception and even surround the cake with a fresh wedding flower arrangement.

The ambience and effect created by the choice and placement of wedding flowers throughout the ceremony and reception makes it critical that you exercise caution and choose a competent and creative florist.

Wedding Flowers Ideas – choosing a florist

The preferred and most satisfying way to choose a florist for your wedding is to find a florist who is recommended by a trusted friend or family member who has personal experience of the florist’s ability.

Flowers-175-131 A friend or family member will make their recommendation simply because they were happy with a previous performance by the florist. It is possible that wedding planners and others in the wedding planning industry may have a vested interest in recommending a particular florist.

When choosing a florist, previous performance is the best indication of how the florist will perform in the future. If you have been to a number of weddings in your area and were pleased by the floral arrangements you may want to consider contacting the host of that wedding to find out who they used as their florist.

Wedding Flowers Ideas – the price

Whilst the aesthetic appeal of the wedding flowers is important, price will also likely factor into your decision to choose a particular florist.

We have looked at establishing a budget for your wedding in an earlier article and this aspect should be reviewed before you meet with any potential wedding florists. When you do meet with them ask for a detailed estimate and make sure exactly what is included in the estimate they provide.

Enquire about any additional fees that are not included in the estimate such as delivery charges and setting-up fees. Please do not assume anything. If possible, try to negotiate having these fees incorporated into the estimate to avoid any unexpected charges.Special Flower Arrangement-200-133

Wedding Flowers Ideas – does the florist specialize?

It is also important to consider whether or not the florist specializes in weddings.

A florist who is experienced in wedding flower arrangements specifically for weddings is much more likely than another florist to be aware of everything that is involved with being a successful wedding florist.  They will not only know exactly what is required but will also have established relationships with local venues.

Part 2 – Wedding Flowers – more thoughts on choosing a florist for your wedding

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