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Wedding Flowers – more thoughts on choosing a florist for your wedding – part 2

Wedding Flowers – what support is offered?

One of the objectives in planning your wedding properly is that on the day you only need concern yourself about actually being a bride and not worry about arrangements. To achieve this you need support so whenever decisions are being made, like choosing a florist, we need to know how much support they will provide.

Some florists may simply deliver the wedding flowers without any responsibility for placement or arrangements. If possible, you will want to find a florist that is willing to send a representative along with the delivery to ensure that the wedding flowers are set up as agreed with you and that they look fresh and attractive.

It would be ideal to have your florist remain onsite throughout the wedding and reception to ensure that there are no issues with the wedding flowers but if this is not possible you should have a florist onsite at the very beginning of the day as a minimum.

Wedding Flowers – you need confirm arrangements

Once again it is important to clarify all aspects of an arrangement. The method by which the wedding flower arrangements arrive may well influence your decisionFlower Arrangement - 150-126 in determining whether or not to choose a particular florist for your wedding.  Agree a time when they will arrive and where and what will actually be done with the wedding flowers.

Many florists employ independent contractors to take care of their deliveries. Quite often the delivery person drives their own vehicle and operates independently from the florist.  While this situation may work out very well for the florist, it could be the recipe for disaster at your wedding.

It is important to recognize that if the delivery personnel are driving their own vehicles then it is likely that the florist does not have a backup vehicle in case something happens to the delivery truck.  However, if the florist employs their own delivery personnel in company supplied vehicles then the florist most likely has a contingency plan for when a vehicle breaks down.

Wedding Flowers – to summarize

Choosing a florist for your wedding is indeed very important. Seeking opinions of friends and family members is one of the most effective ways to choose a qualified florist. Careful review of so called independent recommendations is another important step in choosing a florist as is understanding their payment structure. Also making sure that you know exactly what is included in the price for all the wedding flowers.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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