Wedding Music

Wedding Music – more ideas about selecting he appropriate wedding music – part 2

Band – versus – DJ

Wedding Music – a Band

Bands usually play 15 minute [approximately] sets at a time and then take a break which may interrupt the flow of the wedding party.

Many bands that perform at weddings have a set list that is typically not as long as the list of recorded music that the DJ has available.

Before hiring a band, ask them if you could listen to their music first. This will help you decide if that particular band is right for you. Also discuss, if the band will do emcee duties, as well as provide the music.

Wedding Music – a DJ

A good DJ should be capable of keeping the guests entertained for the entire duration of the wedding party.

They usually play light mood music while dinner is being served.

Once you’ve settled on a DJ, have a one-on-one discussion with the DJ. Just to explain what type of entertainment and mood you want to have during the reception. Also discuss, the selection of music that you have in mind. Ask if the DJ’s is familiar with wedding protocol. If not, you might want to first brief the DJ about the sensibility of the event.

If you want to have a rocking good reception then hiring a live band is the way to go! The energy of a live band gets people going. There’s nothing else that spells a rocking good time better, than a rock and roll band.

Finally, once you make your decision make sure you obtain a detailed contract that specifies all of the details of your wedding as well as all of your expectations. In choosing a live band or DJ it is imperative that you ensure your contract specifies the exact names of those who will be performing at your wedding. Admittedly this is not usually a problem with a live band because they usually have the same members present for all performances but it is still advisable to check.

DJs on the other hand are a different matter. Many DJs become so popular that they are unable to fulfill all of their commitments. In this case a DJ may offer your party to another DJ for a small finder’s fee. In other words the DJ may sell the right to perform at your party to another local DJ.

Additionally a very popular DJ may also have a number of younger, less experienced DJs that sometimes work for him. If you suspect this is the case, it is important to make sure that your contract specifies exactly who will be performing at your wedding.

Whatever you choose it is always advisable to keep the wedding music going, so include some background mood music even when the meals are being served, or when you and your partner are doing the rounds of greeting your guests and having your pictures taken. This will also maintain the atmosphere of the wedding all through the reception. So choose wedding music wisely, because your choice of wedding music can make or break the occasion!

Wedding Planning Checklist

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