Wedding Party Gift

Wedding Party Gift Ideas

The people you have chosen to be in your wedding party are likely to be very close friends and family; people that are really special to you. They have supported you throughout your lifetime, your relationship with your fiancée and the planning of your wedding, so when your big day arrives what better way to thank them than with a wedding party gift.

Choosing a wedding party gift may be more difficult that you think. Take some time to consider each member of your wedding party and the gift that would suit each of them. Include shopping for your wedding party gifts in your overall wedding plan so you don’t end up buying something at the last minute that you really aren’t happy with.

Looking for gifts online can be great for generating ideas and the Internet can give you a much wider range of options than your local department store. However, be careful to check the materials and dimensions of your presents, a wedding party gift that looks perfect in an online photo can prove to be disappointing when it arrives. Give yourself plenty of time to exchange gifts bought on the Internet and at least have an offline alternative in mind.

How much should you spend on a wedding party gift?

A wedding is an expensive business so you probably won’t want to go crazy on your wedding party gifts. On the other hand you want something that they’ll keep forever to remind them of your special day so you shouldn’t skimp on quality. Many people take the view that as you’re spending a few thousand dollars on the wedding, spending a few more dollars to get the ideal gift for your wedding party won’t make so much difference.

The bottom line is you should include an amount for wedding party gifts in your budget and try to stick to it. While your bridesmaids and groomsmen will appreciate a thoughtful, high quality gift, they may feel uncomfortable accepting a very expensive present that they know you can’t really afford.

When to present your wedding party gifts

Wedding Party Gift -150-130 When you choose to give your wedding party their gifts depends a little on what you get. A bride will often want to give her bridesmaids their gifts in the morning before the wedding when they are getting ready together. This is especially good if you are giving jewelry or accessories that they can wear with their bridesmaid outfits. The groom can do the same and offer his groomsmen their gift in the morning, prior to the ceremony, or wait until the wedding is over, using the gift to say thank you after the event.

Some people choose to present their gifts during the reception, perhaps when the groom makes his speech and thanks the various members of the wedding party. Gifts given at this time should be wrapped so that the recipients can decide for themselves whether to open it straight away or keep it for later. Some people find opening a present in front of a crowd a little embarrassing, while others revel in the attention. If you choose to present your wedding party gifts during the reception you should make sure all the gifts are of reasonably equal value.

There are some gifts that can only really be given once the wedding is over. These include a framed photo from the wedding day itself, including the member of the wedding party with perhaps the bride or groom. This is becoming an ever more popular wedding party gift and is a perfect reminder of a great day.

Here are a few things you might want to consider when you are shopping for that perfect wedding party gift:

How many members of the wedding party require a gift

Personal interests of your wedding party members

Age of wedding party members

When you want to give your gifts

Their contribution to planning your big day

Your wedding party gift budget

Author: Priscilla Bernstein

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