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Picture Perfect:  Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographs last a lifetime. The photographs of your wedding day are pictures you will cherish forever but remember you only get one chance at capturing those images. There are no re-runs or re-enactments.

Memories of your special day will live longer through your photographs than the flowers and the catered food.

We cannot stress too much that you must choose a professional wedding photographer who is capable of documenting your wedding with precision and a creative style. You are seeking a wedding photographer who understands exactly what you want and can be relied upon to capture every unique moment of your very special day.

Please assume that any reference to ‘he’ also includes female photographers. There are a growing number of talented female wedding photographers.

The following criteria are a basic minimum when looking for a wedding photographer:

A valid and legal sales tax license

Ask to see proof of current business insurance

Specialized and well kept professional equipment which should include a medium format camera.

Membership of a professional association

A permanently established studio

Further aspects to consider before making a choice:

Wedding Photographer – what is his level of experience

The value of personal references cannot be underestimated in this situation. A wedding photographer with a long list of personal references who are willing to speak to potential clients and an even longer list of testimonials from satisfied clients is an excellent indication of a photographer who will do a great job of photographing your wedding.

Check how long he has been in business and ask for the contact details of the personal references, in particular, people he has photographed. Call them and ask if they were satisfied with his work.

It is important to contact each of the references, not just one, and ask them questions about the wedding photographer and their opinions of his work. An actual meeting would be ideal as this would enable you to view his work. You can use this opportunity to get a sense of his abilities as well as his attitude towards clients. You will want to choose a wedding photographer who is both talented as well as courteous towards his clients.

A person who is hesitant to give references is definitely not the wedding photographer that you should hire.

Wedding Photographer – personality and style of photography

Do you feel comfortable with him and does communication flow easily?

Ask to see his portfolio. Do the images appeal to you? 

This should give you a sense of his style. Chances are that if you like the photos in his portfolio you will be pleased with the pictures he takes at your wedding.

Do you like his style and are his ideas similar to yours?

Do you feel he understands exactly what you want?

Wedding Photographer – wedding packages

If, during your research, you have seen a particular photo album package that you like ask him if he can do the same.

Finished work

Agree a date by which your photo album will be finished, your bridal portrait and all the photos taken during the wedding.

Wedding Photographer – price, payments and deposits

are his prices within your budget? If not, is he worth the price difference?

take time to ask all that you need to know and make sure you understand exactly what services and photos are included in the cost. How many prints will you receive and what will be the sizes of these prints.  You may also want to establish if the price includes the proof prints.  This is valuable because the proofs give you access to every single picture the wedding photographer took during the course of the wedding.

will he provide a CD for you to view at home and also allow you to create reprints at your discretion.

if you cancel will he give a refund? 

if he, for any reason, does not show up on the day, what happens? 

does he have a partner to take his place just in case? 

make sure you clear all of this with him as well as discuss all your concerns.  His answers should convince you that he can be trusted.   

Wedding Photographer – a written contract

Before signing, check and read it carefully.  If there is anything that you don’t understand, ask him or say that you wish to keep the contract and read it again overnight.  Be certain that everything you expect is in the contract.

USA and Canada

If you do not have personal references that you trust for a particular wedding photographer you might want to consult the Better Business Bureau for additional information about the wedding photographer. This will provide the number of unresolved complaints filed against him.

To summarize

Your wedding photos will be one of the most cherished, tangible souvenirs from your wedding day.  You will be able to look through your photos and reminisce about your special day.  You can also share the images with your children and grandchildren. Since these pictures are so important, it is equally important to exercise caution and good judgment when choosing your wedding photographer.

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