Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation – arrive at your wedding in style

More and more couples are choosing not to follow traditional wedding practices. One of the first changes to take place was the type and method of weddingLimousines transportation. This was seen as an opportunity to draw attention and to be seen as a little different. Just a sample of the ideas and options available for a bride and groom in wedding transportation are a limousine, a motorcycle, a horse drawn carriage, a bus or even a sports car.

Wedding Transportation – Limousine

A limousine is still considered to be the traditional way for a bride and groom to arrive at the reception. The newly married couple may choose a simple limousine for just the two of them or arrive in a stretch sports utility vehicle with the whole wedding party that includes outrageous features like a hot tub, dance floor and a well stocked bar.Limousine-303-156

Wedding Transportation – Horse Drawn Carriage

One of the most romantic methods of wedding transportation is a horse drawn carriage. Apart from the appearance and because of the slow pace it presents the bride and the groom with an opportunity to spend some time alone between the ceremony and reception.  They usually travel in the carriage without other members of the wedding party so it is a quiet time for the couple to relax together before the excitement of the reception. Carriage-140-105

Wedding Transportation – Motorcycle

It takes all sorts of people to make the world go round so we shouldn’t be surprised by the behavior of others. A more adventurous couple may choose to ride a motorcycle to their reception.  This unique mode of wedding transportation is guaranteed a bit of attention.  Even people who just happen to be passing by are bound to notice an elegantly dressed bride riding on the back of a motorcycle. A Harley-Davidson would certainly be at the top of the list.

Wedding Transportation – ‘Old London Bus’

Old London Bus - 200-111 Depending on your location a bus is another popular way for the entire wedding party to arrive at the reception. Many couples have found an original ‘Old London Bus’ can be a big scene stealer. This is a great way for the couple to spend some time to mingle with their closest friends before the reception. A bus also provides transport for the whole wedding party and ensures that no one is left at the church.

Wedding Transportation – Sports Car

Whether it is rented, borrowed or owned by the couple a very expensive sports car is always an impressive way to travel toBoxer-sports-car-175-112 the reception.  Most sports cars only seat two passengers so this is an excellent way for the bride and groom to travel to their reception because it is yet another option that provides an opportunity to spend some quality time together before the chaos of the reception.  They can take a few moments to enjoy each others company and reflect on the preceding ceremony.  This short amount of time will be greatly cherished by the bride and the groom.

The bride and groom have a wide assortment of options for arriving at their wedding reception.  Each option for wedding transportation has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages and it is difficult to compare the options.  Choosing a mode of wedding transportation is a personal choice that the couple should make.

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